Development of an Institutional Data Quality Assessment Tool

By Mary Kuira- BA, MA Anthropology

Data quality in health service delivery is important, not only because of promoting high standards of services, but also because of its impact on budgets for maintenance of health services and promotion of evidence informed decision making. National Organization of Peer Educators (NOPE) lacked an institutional data quality assessment tool resulting to some projects leniency in adhering to data quality assurance mechanisms. The objectives of this project were to develop an Institutional data quality assessment tool by end of August 2013; improve knowledge and awareness of developed tool among NOPE Senior Management Team and 20 program and Monitoring and Evaluation staff by September 2013; and to implement the tool within selected 2 projects by end of September 2013.

The fellow sought to develop an institutional tool for standardization to improve the quality of data generated. The tool would assist projects in production of accurate, timely and accessible health care data dependable for planning, development and maintenance of health care services. The goal was to enhance evidence making decisions using accurate, timely and accessible data.

The development of the tool took a participatory approach with stakeholders to enhance ownership and sustainability. Four regional data quality assessment and improvement teams and selected program staff were trained on the tool and the teams expected to implement the tool in designated regions monthly for the first three months for selected two projects after which the implementation would be rolled out quarterly for all projects.