Development of a tool for constructive men’s engagement in reproductive health in Kenya (CME -RH) SAMBURU COUNTY

By David Onchonga

Constructive Men’s Engagement involves men in actively promoting gender equity with regard to reproductive health; increases men’s support for women’s reproductive health and children’s well-being; and advances the reproductive health of both men and women

Research has shed some light on the gaps in our knowledge of reproductive health issues as they relate to men, but we have little information about programmatic issues and how such research could improve Programme operation and service delivery 

It is in regard to this that this project focused to develop a tool for constructive men’s engagement in reproductive health in Samburu County, which if accepted will be adopted to be used in Kenya.

The main objective of this project was to develop a tool for Constructive Men’s Engagement Program in reproductive health among the communities of the Samburu County. The purpose of this tool was to capture data that will necessitate CME program.

The tool was used in Lesidai Dispensary;the project was carried out in Samburu central, Samburu County. This is an area with low uptake of reproductive health services with a very high maternal mortality rate of about 1000/100,000 live births, poverty level of 73%, population with secondary education of 6.5% and under five mortality rate of 142/100 live births

The tool was significant in the sense that it helped to assess CME-RH, program.