A Guide for Monitoring and Evaluation of Patients Satisfaction at Mwingi District Hospital Comprehensive Care Clinic

By Moko James Gacini

Many health institutions have established systems of measuring the level of customer satisfaction after an encounter with their institutions. This has been done through evaluation of the feedback provided by the customers on the complaints or the strong elements on their service. The project developed a guide for evaluating patient satisfaction at Comprehensive Care Centre of Mwingi District Hospital.

Its main objectives were to develop a guide for evaluating patient satisfaction and to capacity build the staff at the clinic on consumption of this data. The project utilized the following methodological approaches; meeting stakeholders, development of indicators for the M&E guide and training of the staff. The project came up with an M&E guide for assessing patient’s satisfaction, trained staff on quality care provision and thus increase attendance to the clinic and adherence to the drug regimens.

It was implemented between the months of July and October. Patients’ satisfaction was shown to be influenced by socio-demographic characteristics with the aged showing higher satisfaction as compared to the young and educated generations.