Toolkit for Checking Turnaround Time of Patients for Improved Health Outcomes at Accident and Emergency Department in Kenyatta National Hospital

By Robert N. Makori

The project formulated a toolkit for tracking activities and procedures done to patients in every station where services are given at Accident & Emergency Department. Thae tool was intended to improve the quality of care and identify gaps leading to patients delay in advance by the staffs and management. This will help the hospital management identify stations where patients are delayed and improve their services in order to reduce patient waiting time.

The goal of the project was to develop and implement a monitoring and evaluation toolkit that will assist the hospital management to build capacity and address key factors that affect turnaround time of patients hence improve clinical outcomes of patients, customer satisfaction and quality of care.

At the time of the project, the fellow formed a technical working group that was actively involved in the training, development and implementation of the A& E toolkit.

The development of the toolkit employed participatory approaches. While the project was spearheaded by a Project Leader, a technical working group (TWG) comprising of different stakeholders was formed to facilitate content development. Once drafted and reviewed, the final draft was pre-tested in A&E department of Kenyatta National Hospital. Lessons from the pre-test were used to finalize the toolkit. Consultative forums were conducted to solicit for inputs from key stakeholders and ensure appropriateness of content. These consultative forum fostered ownership, ensured dynamics within the different stake holders and encouraged different expressions for subsequent adoption of the toolkit.