Frequently Asked Questions


How many Fellows do you admit per intake per year?

There is only one intake per year, and each intake consists of an average of 15 fellows (5 per track). Fellows are admitted into the Fellowship Program at the beginning of August each year.

Can I continue with my job while enrolled on the Fellowship Program?

As already noted, the Fellowship Program is a 2 year fulltime program. So, enrolment into this program calls for a 2 year commitment during which time enrolled individuals (Fellows) are placed in selected host institutions involved in HIV/AIDS activities. Because of its fulltime nature, enrolled individuals should either resign their jobs or obtain a study leave for 2 years.

I have heard that Fellows are assigned mentors. Who are they and what is their role?

A mentor is someone who takes a special interest in helping the Fellow to develop into a successful professional by providing guidance, knowledge and support in such a manner that the Fellow can willingly receive and benefit. Each Fellow is assigned an academic and host institution sponsor for purposes of academic and professional growth. The academic mentor is a member of staff or any academician associated with University of Nairobi while the host mentor is a member of staff at the host institution. These mentors are the main persons with whom the Fellow has day to day contact and are charged with the overall responsibility of assisting the Fellows to attain maximum benefit from their Fellowship experience. The academic mentor guides the Fellow in academic experiences both at the University of Nairobi and at the host institution through regular interaction and supervisory visits. The host institution mentor guides and supervises the Fellow during field attachment.