Frequently Asked Questions


If I am posted to a host institution, does it mean I am now employed by that institution for 2 years?

No. Absolutely, not! The Fellow is a trainee with an opportunity to learn on the job. As such, during the 2 year period, you can neither take formal employment elsewhere or seek employment with your host institution. Thus, while Fellows will be totally committed to the pursuit of their host institution objectives and will participate fully in all program activities as assigned, this does not constitute employment with the host institution.

What benefits are available to host institutions?

Since the mode of training emphasizes learning by doing, host institutions benefit from the Fellows’ knowledge and experience in identified technical fields. In addition, the UoN-CDC Fellowship Program provides logistical support to the host institution in form of furniture, computers, and email connectivity in situations where these are warranted. Host institution staff are also eligible to attend all short courses offered under the Fellowship Program.

Can I leave halfway my enrolment, if I feel I can’t manage the Fellowship Program?

This is highly discouraged, however, if a fellow so chooses, will be required to return any program property and stipend accrued during their fellowship tenure at the time of leaving as per the letter of offer. Ideally, we prefer individuals with clearly defined priorities who will not quit halfway the program.